Abate Pest Management Ltd was set up over 13 years ago and in that time has grown to be a key pest control provider within the UK.  We provide a fair and competitive pricing structure to ensure the client receives best value for money without the worries of high costs to resolve their pest matters. We keep to our promises and guarantees and always deliver a first class service every time. You can trust and rely on Abate to solve your problems in a professional manner. We provide uniformed service technicians who you can distinctively recognise. All our staff carry identification for your security. 

Guano Cleaning

  • Removal of bird and other animal matter
  • Safe disposal of waste
  • Leave the site in a safe and clean environment
  • Ensure we take away your concerns
  • Carry out all bird-proofing measures

Sharps and Needles


  • Needles, syringes and lancets are commonly known and referred to as sharps. This type of waste is classed as clinical waste which means that a specialist collection and disposal will need to be arranged.

Dirty Cleans - Life Of Grime

  • Cleaning and clearing up after squatters or vandals
  • Void property clearance and cleaning of filthy houses
  • Clearing and cleaning up after expired or evicted tenancy agreements
  • Clearing and cleaning up at hoarders’ properties
  • Removal of discarded sharps and syringes
  • Pest infestation control and cleaning
  • Clearing and cleaning of bird or other animal matter