Dirty Cleans - Life Of Grime


  • Cleaning and clearing up after squatters or vandals
  • Void property clearance and cleaning of filthy houses
  • Clearing and cleaning up after expired or evicted tenancy agreements
  • Clearing and cleaning up at hoarders’ properties
  • Removal of discarded sharps and syringes
  • Pest infestation control and cleaning
  • Clearing and cleaning of bird or other animal matter

Generally these are void property clearances.  Very often tenants cannot always leave properties in a clean, sanitary condition due to one reason or another.

These sites and environments are also found when elderly people or hoarders have not thrown away any waste or products for 20-30 years. 

Life of grimeIf a property is left in an unfit state it can often lead to the slow down of a sale or re-let of a property. This is costly to the landlord or management company.

We take away all the stress and concern usually associated with these situations. We restore and clean all affected areas of the property in the shortest possible time to allow the sale or re-letting of the dwelling.

We aim to work very closely with the owners, solicitors, estate and letting agents so they know when the work is to commence, how long it takes and fix agreed costs.

Using Abate you are assured that the cleaning process is both smooth and efficient and also that disposal is carried out in the safe and correct manner.

We have many case studies over the last decade which will help in making any decisions about what is required during a clean.  This will ensure that you would receive all the correct documentation including risk assessments, method statements and safe disposal certificate.


We offer a service where we carry out hazardous cleaning and contaminated waste removal from various situations that you may encounter.  The types of problems you may come across are squats, tenant evictions, hoarders, contaminated loft insulation, rodent droppings and pigeon guano.  We at Abate offer the services where we send in our specialist teams to deal with such situations and carry out the cleaning relevant to the job in hand.