Squatter Clearing / Cleaning

  • We clean and clear up squatter habitation
  • We clean and clear up drug users’ materials and dens
  • Remove dangerous items for safe disposal
  • Leave sites safe and hazard free

A squat house is defined as abandoned premises, unoccupied house, flat or void property where squatters live.

A squatter will not own, rent or have any permission to use a property which can also be used for a number of things such as a drugs den, brothel and not just a living environment for the homeless.

Generally, when squatters have left premises or been evicted, they are left in a poor, uninhabitable state and usually leave behind large amounts of waste which is extremely hazardous and difficult to dispose of.

The types of things left behind can be bodily fluids and faeces, needles and syringes – all left to the owners to dispose of which can harbour infectious diseases.

Not only is it extremely dangerous, there is the risk of spreading disease, mainly HIV or hepatitis.

Safe and thorough cleaning

During any cleaning stage it is important that correctly trained and skilled staff are used who have knowledge in specialist cleaning.  This includes the correct PPE, the knowledge of how to clean the bio-hazards, safety clothing, sharps removal etc.

As an accredited and licensed company to dispose of waste, we are fully equipped to deal with such environments left behind by unwanted tenants.

A rapid and thorough squat and rental property cleaning service

We are fully equipped to deal with all the various waste and dirt squatters and tenants can leave behind. Our extensive training and knowledge of squat and house cleaning means you can rely on Abate to remove all the waste, dirt and debris left behind.

Drug dens are very common throughout the UK and are very similar to squats. They are also commonly found in wooded areas, rear of shops, public toilets and can contaminate public grounds creating a serious risk to children and pets should they encounter such an environment by mistake.  It is a duty of care to clean up such establishments to ensure the public are not at any risk


We offer a service where we carry out hazardous cleaning and contaminated waste removal from various situations that you may encounter.  The types of problems you may come across are squats, tenant evictions, hoarders, contaminated loft insulation, rodent droppings and pigeon guano.  We at Abate offer the services where we send in our specialist teams to deal with such situations and carry out the cleaning relevant to the job in hand.